A new production by Saroa Film, aiming to address sensitive and highly relevant themes, is currently in post-production and will be released soon. What is unprecedented for the short film “Cookie” is that it was created in an ULTRA RECORD time, from the concept idea to the script and filming, in just 2 weeks!
In the short film “Cookie,” we step into a reverse chronicle of sacrifice and courage. The film focuses on two female characters, Cookie and Lolly, who turn to prostitution to gather the money needed for leukemia treatment. A love story that embraces the shadows of the past, narrated through the innocent voice of a child, from the moments of facing the disease to their choice that leads them into a dangerous world.


“Cookie” is a short film that explores the desperate struggle of Cookie, a young prostitute fighting to save her lover, Lolly, from the merciless control of a pimp. The film begins with the wet traces of Cookie’s steps on the asphalt, revealing a story of love, sacrifice, and revenge during the Christmas holidays.
In a reverse chronology, viewers are guided through Cookie’s tragic memories, from the moments when she runs through the cold and wet streets to the disturbing instances when her life changed irreversibly.
Cookie and her lover, Lolly, resort to prostitution to raise money for Lolly’s terminal leukemia treatment. However, the situation becomes critical when Lolly is kidnapped by a pimp who attempts to force her into working for him. In an effort to save her lover, Cookie infiltrates the dark world of sex trafficking.


As Cookie runs barefoot through the night, leaving wet traces on the asphalt, the film concludes with an atmosphere of darkness and light. The inner voice of a child, narrating the events, adds a touch of innocence and fragility, contrasting with the brutality of the surrounding world.
“Cookie” is an intense and emotional short film that unveils human complexity in the face of adversity, providing viewers with a cinematic experience layered with multiple levels of understanding and compassion.


The film “Cookie” represents the second short film that I direct and produce and in which I act, in the same time, as well as the third film that I make and pose for. I consider it to be a complex film that will manage to deliver a small message to its audience. “Cookie” debates are subject sensitive, taboo, whispered in circles that are meant to provoke and incite the imagination of our public, as much as to transmit a powerful message related to the essence of cesareans and the handicaps that surround us. the image of many NGOs and I’m sure that many brands will pay attention to the message and the desire to belong to social strata not supported or protected by cultural or even traditional systems. I admit, I was easy to debate a topic that seemed to be written well and, how come, I think that the voice of a great number of women, unheard generations, braved up the courage to slip through the divine funnel in my mind . and Darius (n.r. Co-screenwriter Cookie) – said Sabina Lisievici, the director of the film.


Full Cast & Crew:

Cookie: Sabina Lisievici

Lolly: Daria Ghițu

Pimp: Cătălin Nicolau


Voice Over (Cookie): Anne Vărzaru – 12 ani

Director – Sabina Lisievici

Director of Photography – Paul Soare

Editor – Alberto Niculae

On-Set Photographer – Vicențiu Amarandei

Production Company: SAROA FILM


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