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Founded in 2019, SaroaFilm has quickly become a name to watch out for, with its impressive debut at the film festival circuit in 2021.

Their first premiere, the short movie On Hold, has won numerous awards across the globe. It has been recognized in countries like the USA, Russia, Greece, France, and Italy. Moreover, it has also been acknowledged in prestigious cities like Cannes, Hollywood, Paris, Sankt Petersbourg, Milan, San Francisco, Bucharest, and Dallas. This goes to show that SaroaFilm has a global appeal and can create content that resonates with audiences worldwide.

On Hold is just the tip of the iceberg for SaroaFilm. Currently, the production company is developing a feature film, Kingdom of Judas, which was shot between 2021 and 2023. This impressive project has been in the making for two years, and it is one of the most highly valued productions of SaroaFilm to date. We can expect a lot from this film, and the industry is buzzing with anticipation for its release.

SaroaFilm’s success can be attributed to their commitment to quality content and their ability to tell captivating stories. They prioritize creative storytelling and understand the importance of every detail in a production. They have a keen eye for detail, from casting to cinematography, and they ensure that every aspect of their projects is executed to perfection.

In conclusion, SaroaFilm is a company that is making waves in the film industry. Their dedication to quality content and creative storytelling has resulted in an impressive debut at the film festival circuit, and their upcoming feature film, Kingdom of Judas, is highly anticipated.

Saroa productions

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