Proud to be Romanians:

Primaria Alba Iulia

Centrul Național de Informare și Promovare Turistică Geoagiu-Bai

They’re making our movies look good:

Our trusted partners:

They announce our stuff:

Monitoring our media activity:

Our excelent location partners:

Hotel Cetate “Împăratul Romanilor”

Abația Cisterciană Cârța

Conacul Filipescu

Sambodhi Studio

They’re making our stunning costumes:

They make us look pretty:


The Storyalist (Dacian Foldi)

Răzvan Sălășan (OzzFilm)

Mytouche Peter

Alexandru Posea

Claudiu Guraliuc

Vicențiu Amarandei

Alexandru Radu Popescu


Make-up artists:

Bianca Perja

Olivia Terzea

Simona Duțu

Make-up products from:


We love the food from:

Restaurant La Copac

When we’re thristy:


We are in the future:

iris robotics

We are proud and thankful for:

Andrew & Bella Wells

Presenting our work on the web:

Saroa productions

We have spent years perfecting in film industry

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