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Based on a true story, “On Hold” is a captivating film that follows the love story of Carina and Felix. As a young officer in the army, Felix falls deeply in love with the beautiful and romantic Carina, who feels the same way about him. However, their relationship is tested every time Felix goes on a mission, and they struggle to resist the possibility of being apart from each other.

Their love story takes a tragic turn when a misunderstanding, caused by Felix’s manipulative brother, leads to their separation. Despite their profound love for each other, Carina and Felix are forced to face their own destiny and the impact of their choices. The film raises important questions about how often we let our life path be guided by external circumstances rather than love, and how denying our own right to love and happiness can shape our lives.

“On Hold” is a thought-provoking exploration of the power of love, the impact of choices, and the consequences of circumstance. The film leaves us questioning whether happiness is a choice or simply a matter of fate.


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